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This site will take you on a food adventure of barbequed foods around the world and give you tips for the perfect barbeque. Barbequing is part of the summer culture, and it is always an exciting event shared with friends and family.

Preparing food on the grill is effortless, and with most foods quick too. Imagination is really the only limitation to the foods that one can barbeque, in fact even many sweet desserts can be grilled!

The Full Barbeque Experience

Barbequed food is known for its tastiness, smoky flavours, and classical side dishes – all of which we will discuss and share marinade and spice recipes on our page the coregirll.co.uk. Here we focus on creating an overall barbeque experience, from setting up, to starters and snacks, barbeque meats and vegetables, side dishes, sweets on the grill and beverages that go with the dining.bbq-food1

Even though most barbequed food is prepared outdoors and in the summer kitchens, remember that the most of it can be cooked on a table grill or with an oven or a microwave with a grill setting. This way you can enjoy good barbequed food all year around!

If you do not have the facilities to barbeque food at home, but would like to enjoy a tasteful barbequed meal, remember that there are many restaurants known for their delicious grilled options. At coregirll.co.uk, we will tip you off occasionally on where to eat the best barbequed meals!

Tasty Barbeque Food

On this site, we list recipes and tips for the tastiest barbeque treats and write about alternatives such as meat-free barbeque options for vegetarians or vegans and less fatty options for the health conscious. Barbequed food generally does not need to be unhealthy to be tasty!bbq1

In fact, while cooking on a grill instead of a pan, some of the extra fat from the meat and cheese foods also known as fatty foods melts off instead of ending up on our dinner plates and later on our waistlines. The right spices and combination of flavours will elevate any barbequed food and make it taste divine.

Simply Delicious Side Dishes

Barbequed food is best enjoyed with a fresh or potato salad, or a creamy pasta dish. Many vegetables also make a perfect side or main dish and most of them cook beautifully on the grill! We will give you the best side dishes and ideas for new things to try at your next barbeque party. The great thing about the cold side dishes is that they can be prepared the day before.

This makes the actual get together even more enjoyable and effortless!