How to BBQ Different Types of Meat

Having a barbecue is all well and good, but you’ve got to be able to use it properly to make it worthwhile – nobody wants to eat a piece of charcoal that was once a piece of chicken!

Cooking meat properly is one of the most important things to do when using a barbecue, and different meats need different cooking temperatures and time.


beef1To cook a beef steak like in Wynn Casino, you will need the barbecue to be preheated on a medium-high heat. Before you place the meat on the grill, it should be at room temperature as going straight from fridge to the grill isn’t ideal. You also should brush the steak with olive oil as this will stop it from sticking to the grill. If you want to season the steak to add taste, the best time is just before you place it on the grill.

As the steak cooks you should turn it every so often. The time the steak needs to be cooked depends on the thickness of the steak, and whether it is to be medium, medium-well or well done. Generally it shouldn’t be too much more than five minutes on each side for a 2-3cm thickness. After cooking, the steak should be left to sit for about five minutes so the hot juices in the meat can settle.


Chicken requires a different approach to steaks. The main difference is that steaks need high heat to sear the sides, whilst chicken needs a medium-low heat so that the skin doesn’t burn and the chicken is cooked evenly. Before you start the actual cooking, however, you may once want to season the chicken with salt and oil.

chickenYou will need to cook the chicken for up to approximately one half hour. If you want to use a sauce or marinade to put on the chicken, then the chicken will have to be coated before and maybe a couple of times during the cooking as you turn the chicken over. Towards the end of the cooking, some people add another layer of marinade and then ramp up the heat for a short time to get a crispier marinade.

Remember that chicken should be heated to at least 74 degrees Celsius to kill all potential bacteria!


porkPork chops are grilled or barbecued in a similar way to beef steaks – use high heat for a shorter time. It should be noted that there are many different cuts of pork and some cook better on a barbecue than others. For example, blade chops from the shoulder-blade often have a lot of fat on so can end up chewy if you try to sear them.

Before you start cooking chops, it is a good idea to let them soak in a brine or salt and sugar solution, as this not only gives them extra flavour but also helps stop them from drying out quickly. You will need to sear them in most cases on a high heat, turning them over after a couple of minutes. Sauces and marinades are generally added at the end.


fish1Fish are not usually associated with barbecues, but that doesn’t mean you cannot cook fish on a barbecue. Due to the high heat, certain fish fillets, such as salmon, monkfish, or halibut are more suited to grilling. However, barbequing works particularly well for a whole fish, such as mackerel and trout.

You should oil and salt or season the fish beforehand. There are so many different fish and there are many ways they can be cooked. Generally, you will cook fish on a high heat for approximately less than ten minutes though this naturally depends on the size and type of fish. If you remove the skin from the fish, you should avoid turning each piece more than once as the fish may fall apart otherwise.