Organize a BBQ with Family and Friends

It’s a beautiful day. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and you’ve got a barbecue that’s just begging to be used. However, a single brazier does not an entire barbecue make; it’s always smart to keep track of more than when to start cooking.

The Day

Before you can throw the perfect BBQ party, you need to know a few things. First you need to decide when you’re going to have the party, so you need to know when people are free to attend. It’s also worth knowing the weather forecast as you probably don’t want to be sizzling steaks in a torrential downpour.

The Food

You also need decide on the food you will need and there are lots of things to consider. Do you have enough food for all the people? Additionally if someone has an allergies or dietary requirements, you’ll need to cater for those. And above all, you need to know how to BBQ different types of meat.

food1Naturally you won’t just need meat; you’ll also need other food to go with that chicken or steak. There are drinks to think about as well, so you’ll want to stock up on big bottles or multiple six packs.

You’ll not only want a large volume but you’ll also probably want to have some variety; different people like different things. Having a choice of two rather than one kind of meat can make a huge difference. Whatever you decide to cook, make sure you can cook it properly, as food poisoning tends to be bit of a downer. For the rest of the meal, it’s a good idea to stick to things that can be picked up or carried around on a paper plate. Crisps or individual cakes and biscuits are often a good choice, even if they aren’t going to please most dieticians.

You’ll probably want to provide some cool or iced drinks as chances are your BBQ’s going to be held on a sunny day. You’ll definitely need something non-alcoholic for the kids. Aside from that, you just need a large amount, preferably drinks that come in 2 litre bottles.

The Entertainment

Think about how your party is going to be. If it’s just going to be a civilized meeting of adults talking as they politely consume their burgers, then all you’re going to need is some chairs and music. Otherwise including a team game, whether it’s something sporty like a football, tag football or a pack of cards are always good choices.

Active things like balls are especially good as people have more energy after eating. If the event is in a garden that has a paddling pool or trampoline, then those who are interested and have the energy can take turns on the trampoline.

Other Things to Consider

There are also things you might need, such as fuel or charcoal briquettes for your BBQ. Maybe you’ll need paper plates and plastic cups. Depending on where you live, it might also be worth having a backup plan in case of rain.

Aside from that, just remember to have fun even if you end up flipping burgers in a drizzle as everybody else looks out at you from inside the house.